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The Price of Liberty

The Pragmatic Constitutionalist depends on the gifts and contributions of fellow libertarians to share our message and to educate American citizens of their Constitutional liberties. TPC’s commitment and duty is to  raise awareness of critical issues, and to hold our elected officials accountable for their decisions that affect all Americans today and tomorrow. Thank you for standing with TPC in this cause for liberty. To donate, please click the button below.  We appreciate your support.

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While it’s been almost 10 years since The Pragmatic Constitutionalist launched, and despite a large and consistently growing following, (now over 30,000 on Facebook, alone), we’ve never before “monetized” our efforts. We’ve never offered anything for sale or asked for donations.  Obviously, that is now changing as we embark on a massive expansion initiative.  At present, 100% of your donations are being applied to the build-out of this blog site, mirroring of content on multiple social media platforms, our new e-Newsletter, and the development of top-shelf video/audio podcast programming — including the purchase of the needed equipment.  Additionally, we will soon be releasing a series of audiobooks featuring Steve Baker reading the “best of” TPC’s first ten years, select historical documents relating to America’s founding, and a series of works, (fictional and non-fiction), based on his personal Liberty journey. 

Web Development

Donations provide for the development and maintenance of web-based communications such as websites, social media platforms, and e-newsletters.


TPC’s commitment to remaining well informed and well-researched prior to communicating with our growing base is key to long-term success. Information is power and influence.


The podcast world is TPC’s next step to diversifying it’s communication platforms. Donation dollars support the development of compelling content, conversations with experts and publishing through good marketing strategies for an ever-expanding audience.


TPC content available in written and audio book format is an area of expansion for which there is a market. Donation dollars assist in the creation of quality products that influence culture.

Stay Connected.

In good conscience, TPC is making every effort to diversify its communication strategy to reach as many people as possible. TPC is active on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. We also write frequent blogs and make those available in email format. Thank you for utilizing any and/or all of these platforms to stay connected. We appreciate our community of libertarians.

In the current political climate of content policing, the need to diversify communication platforms has become very apparent to The Pragmatic Constitutionalist team. To remain in unfiltered and unpoliced communication with our base, we have moved our TPC eNewsletter over to our Locals.com community. It’s free to subscribe and you’ll never miss anything from TPC.

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