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Happy New Year? | The Pragmatic Constitutionalist

I have far too many thoughts I wish to share right now. I returned from my road trip on New Year’s Eve, but have been largely vegetative ever since. Not physically. I feel great. Road life has been a constant for much of my adult existence, and feeds me — mind, soul, and body. (The latter, so long as I’m careful with that road diet!) I came home with far too many things to think about, decisions to make, and hundreds of observations I wish to share. Overwhelmed, I took three days to decompress and process. Last night, my daughter and I binged the entire 10-episode finale of “Vikings” and far too much sushi and Thai food delivered by Grubhub. Time to unload, if even only a small part of that which is on my mind.

I predicted, just before the road trip — which began the day after Thanksgiving — that “the world would change” while I was on that journey. I’m not sure I got that exactly right, at least not fully evidenced, yet. “The Kraken” has yet to rise from the deep, nor have American cities burnt to the ground . . . had happened. Facebook all but de-platformed TPC, throttling our reach by over 90% from pre-election analytics, but that’s hardly “world changing.” Just a royal pain in the ass, as we now struggle to reach both our followers and supporters, alike, in an effort to inform everyone of where we’re now rebuilding before FB deals that final, inevitable blow. (Please forgive my redundancy on so many announcements, but instead of reaching 10s-of-thousands per post, we’re now only reaching a few hundred, or maybe as many as a couple thousand when you guys share the content.) 

I certainly never expected that when I arrived in Nashville, TN on Christmas Eve that I’d have made my first stop on 2nd Ave., only two parking spots forward of where that RV blew up some 18 hours later. A sobering realization — and my cell service was disrupted for about 36 hours — but again, not world-changing. I have a brother-in-law — a unionized AT&T supervisor — who began sending me information about the particular facility that seemed to be the target of the bombing. I spent another full hour with a 35-year friend who worked for AT&T, in that very building, for 24 years. Try as I might, I was unable to get anything solid enough to break through the tidal wave of conspiracy theories and produce my own, more “learned” theory. The entire event stinks to high heaven. The quick and conclusive narrative from the FBI and TBI came much too fast. Faster than any such event in recent or longterm memory. Seems just another “anomaly” we’re expected to accept . . . but that’s all I have.

The election? I’ve probably spent more time, while on the road, reviewing all the contested state cases than I did any other current event of the past six weeks. I watched state legislative hearings on hotel room TVs, and otherwise as many online C-Span playbacks, as possible. I also listened to you — the many articles and stats sent via private messages, and the thoughts from those of you I met at the various TPC meet-ups — enough so to be confident in my own personal assessment that the declared results have been vastly manipulated by fraud. The historical anomalies, the statistical data, and plain old common sense demands that a real investigation and court hearings take place. I believe there are cases to be made in Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada, but I’m unable to fully ascertain why they haven’t been made, or can’t be. The hatred of Trump by half the country and the systemic antipathy towards the man, from powers within his own party, lead me to believe that nothing is going to change. Now, like everyone else, I just wait for the 6th of January and watch with skeptical interest.

Wuhan vs. Time Square . . . on New Years Eve? (See attached photo.) Are you paying attention, yet? Are you yet ready to listen to anyone outside your preferred all-fear-all-the-time echo chambers? We really have been lied to. Real science, data, statistics, and facts are now pouring forth, everyday, revealing the depths of the governmental lies and the global conspiracy. Yes. I said “conspiracy.” Not all conspiracies are “theory.” The very word exists because there is actually such a thing. 

2020 delivered to us a one-two-three combo punch: COVID-19, nationwide riots, and a disputed election. All have been taken advantage of to divide us and ultimately conquer us. To strip us of our individuality, eliminate our inalienable rights, and collapse western economies. Literally, the incremental goals of progressivism — of over 100 years — were thrown into hyperdrive by the panic-inducing hat trick of 2020. Never have I been more disappointed in my fellow Americans. We’ve always had our differences about “how to get there,” but most of us have held to 80-90% of the same values and goals. Now, we just believe the lies of our preferred media sources and wish “cancellation,” job losses, or even death upon those who oppose our own “how to get there” approach.

The world is most assuredly going to change in 2021 if the voices crying for mandatory vaccination IDs get their way. No travel without the shots? No school for your children? No attending public events of any type or size without proof of compliance? (The latter affecting my own career and possible returned livelihood.) Once those gain acceptance it’s a quick slide down the abyss . . . toward not being able to hold any job without producing evidence to your employer that you’ve taken the shots. The fix is in. Governments may be delayed by legal and constitutional prohibitions from requiring vaccinations, but the corporatists and oligarchs already have their own measures on the drawing board. That’s the reality of the world in which now live, and the intended path whereby these initiatives will force the masses into compliance. There is no doubt in my mind that MY world will change this year, for the reasons stated.

I have hard decisions to make, and those are likely to change everything for me. Everything that I’ve done for over 40 years, and everything I’ll be doing for my remaining years. Literally everything, for me, is on the table. In the larger picture . . . everything for you, as well, is on the line. Especially if you hold your individuality and personal liberties as sacrosanct, inalienable, given to us by “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.”

For those reasons, I’ve had a difficult time saying, “Happy New Year.” The world may not have changed the last six weeks, but change is coming. We must prepare.


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