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Trumps Have The ‘Rona | The Pragmatic Constitutionalist


Waking to the announcement that the President and First Lady have tested positive for COVID-19 was an emotional nothing-burger for me. Then, I launched my social media feeds. Wow.

My first thought — when I woke at 3am and saw the alert on my phone, (and before looking at FB and Twitter) — was just a matter-of-fact shrug to the virus itself:

If the President of the United States can get it, then theres no hiding from it. Lets get on with our normal lives, come what may.”

I rolled back over and grabbed a few more winks. Waking again, 4am-ish, I made the mistake of beginning to read the stories and social media reactions. Oh boy. The death cult progressives are divided into two primary camps: they either believe Trump is lying, (to manufacture some kind of October surprise sympathy”), or they are gleefully rejoicing and hoping the President suffers a slow, painful death on a ventilator. 

So despicable are the anti-Trump reactions, Piers Morgan even tweeted out a rebuke of the hateful celebrants:

“Interesting to see those whove spent the last few years screaming that Trumps an uncaring, heartless empathy-devoid bastard now spewing their gleeful joy that he & his wife have a deadly virus. Theyre no better than the man they loathe.”

Good on you, Piers.

After normal people, (those who actually sleep), began waking up, came a series of text exchanges I had with a couple of the smarter, wiser of my closest friends. We were discussing the political and philosophical implications of the now quarantined White House occupants.

First of all . . . Trump is a 74-year old, overweight, burger-muncher. Even then — unlike most Americans have been led to believe — he has a 99% chance of complete recovery, assuming he has no other pre-existing comorbidities. Given his energy on the campaign trail, and the kind of hours he keeps, that doesn’t appear to be the case. With what we know of the First Lady’s health/age/weight, she has a 99.99% likelihood of full recovery. As I’ve pointed out relentlessly on this page . . . the math, science, and data works in the favor of the Trumps, and against the hopes and wishes of the death cult Marxist Democrats. (Not to mention, the Trumps have a pretty solid healthcare plan.)

All that said, our text discussion theorized on the impact Trump’s recovery or descent into suffering might have on both the election and the national attitude toward #CommieVirus2020. We agreed that if Trump beats this thing back quickly and with only mild symptoms, there would be increased pushback against the shutdowns, regulations, and mask mandates. If Trump suffers, or even dies . . . well . . . were screwed. In the latter case, not only will Biden breeze to victory, his promises of nationally-ordered closures and mandatory mask usage will become a permanent, dystopian new normal for this country. Ironically, we’ll then learn, once and for all, which side will impose the totalitarian tyranny for which Trump has been accused . . . yet has never actually implemented.

One of my friends pointed out that we are now six decades into post logic thinking.” In other words: only your feelings matter, now. Or, as Biden himself once gaffed, We choose truth over facts!” Whose truth?” Certainly not the” truth that this pandemic scare is vastly over-hyped and far less dangerous than roughly 60% of Americans believe — so successful the scaremongering MSM has been in their non-scientific disinformation campaign.

His most chilling thought — and I paraphrase — Through the hapless ineptitude of the American people, we have Dementia Joe as the only veneer between Kamala Harris or Nancy Pelosi leading our country.”  Additionally, in his view, If Trump doesnt win, this is right out of Paradise Lost. The impact of spiritual darkness toying with fools whove squandered their birthright.”

Fools whove squandered their birthright.” Is there a better description of our current electorate? <sigh> (We get the government we deserve.)

He’s a bit of a philosopher. From my own default perspective — mathematically speaking — he’s correct. The Libertarian Party’s ticket isn’t going to win. We will either be handing the country over to Biden’s neo-Marxist puppet masters, or at the very least delaying the end of the American Experiment by four more years of Trump’s judicial appointments, business deregulations, and Deep State unmaskings. (However much additional time that buys us?) The outcome of the President’s COVID experience may very well be that which determines the final outcome in next month’s election, and our national fate.

Meanwhile . . . military observers who track this sort of thing, report that a couple of our perpetually airborne Navy E6-B Mercury aircraft — which are used to provide command and control of U.S. nuclear forces if any ground-based command centers are either destroyed or inoperable — have switched on their transponders as a signal to any potential enemies that we are still watching, and that Trump is still the Commander-in-Chief. StratCom says this is “purely coincidental.”





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