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One Of Those Days | The Pragmatic Constitutionalist

Today is one of those. Yesterday was one. Tomorrow, likely the same.

There’s no shortage of news items upon which I want to blather about. In fact, too many. That’s a problem for me. If only there was a giant, planet-killing asteroid hurtling in collision course toward our home world, I could detach from the rest of the noise, forget about my #CommieVirus-imposed unemployment, (and fast-depleting bank account), and focus on some potentially clever analysis of our impending doom.

On the other hand, maybe it’s the way-of-life-killing, one-two punch of the governmental response to COVID-19 and the polls showing a Kamala Harris landslide in three weeks that has me bottled up. Yes . . . I said “Harris.” Biden isn’t really campaigning, isn’t capable of making a case for himself, and won’t actually be president . . . even if the ticket containing his name wins.

Ugh. Even if Harris/Biden wins . . . did they really? My social media feeds inform me, if that should happen, Trump will never concede. He’ll refuse to leave office, we’ll be thrown into Constitutional crisis, endless recount and court battles, and civil war. Even worse than Civil War II . . . a potential Pelosi presidency. If Trump/Pence are reelected by anything less than a Reagan-style 1984 landslide, I’m told there will be a refusal by Biden to concede, a Constitutional crisis, endless recounts and court battles, and civil war. Even worse than Civil War II . . . four more years of Trump.

Are those polls believable? Who knows? They weren’t in 2016. At least not once the Electoral College was factored in. Hillary did, in fact, capture the popular vote by the margins predicted from the more reputable polling agencies. Those who tried to forecast the distribution of state Electors got it wrong. Polls are currently showing popular vote spreads with Harris in the lead by anywhere from 8 to 17 points. If we have another split decision with the Electoral College, our cities are going to burn. In fact, so skeptical and distrusting I’ve become of mainstream media-funded polling . . . I ask myself if this isn’t being done specifically to incite a post-election insurrection, regardless of the outcome? We already know — beyond doubt — that blue state governors and blue city mayors will stand down their police forces if the rioters take to the streets.

Every day we read of dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of mail-in ballots being found in dumpsters, ditches, or the front seat of an Ilan Omar campaign operative’s car. Courts, nationwide, are having to deal with lawsuits about whether those ballots will be counted with postmarks past election day, no voter signatures, and no witnesses to those signatures. There seems an orchestrated campaign to throw the entire electorate — on all sides — into a state of distrust and no-confidence that we are going to have a fair and honest election . . . or any outcome we can trust.

Please . . . raise your hand if you are going to believe and accept that the ticket you didn’t vote for actually won?

Then . . . what are you going to do about it?

Also bear in mind that we’ve suffered though almost four years of accusations, trials, and impeachment proceedings under the auspice of “Russian meddling” in 2016 — specifically for the purpose of casting doubt on the result of that election. Meanwhile, for many of us who are better informed than at least half the country, we are becoming increasingly aware that was nothing more than a mirrored projection by the Deep State on what was really happening. Even if it really was Obama, Hillary, Biden & Co. actually doing the interfering and committing illegal acts via our national security apparatuses, if CNN, NPR, NY Times, et al, do not say it is so . . . to half the country, it never happened.

Now we see there is no greater effort at election interference and manipulation than that being perpetuated by Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Those of us with any decent following on our social media outlets have witnessed incredible “throttling” of our reach. Many of our posts — even those with unimpeachable research, footnotes, and even MSM links and quotes — are being flagged with alerts and warnings, or blocked outright. Three such strikes against the acceptable narrative and we risk 30-day suspensions or deletion of our accounts.

This is anecdotal, but the absolute reality of what’s taking place on my own Facebook Page:

By the end of the 2016 election cycle, my FB Page had 16,000 followers. During that time, if I made a post that garnered 1,500 “reactions” and as few as 500 “shares,” I could expect to see my total “reach” in the hundreds of thousands. It was common to see my reach over 600,000 to over a million for such a post. Yesterday, (now with 34,000 followers), my most recent post about the WHO’s lockdown reversal currently has over 1,000 reactions and 500 shares. Total reach? Only 11,518. Four days ago, a post about Putin had 1,500 reactions and almost 900 shares. It’s total reach was only 18,607. Other recent posts with excess of 1,000 shares do not attain a reach anywhere near 100,000, but four years ago, all of those would have exceeded a million in reach.

This isn’t conspiracy theory or right-wing paranoia. It’s just the cold reality. The same kind of throttling is also happening on Twitter and YouTube.

Biden is refusing to meet with press, so as to avoid questions related to the NY Post story about Hunter’s email find. (Tonight’s national Townhall questions are sure to be carefully-scripted softballs.) Harris has canceled campaign appearances because a couple of staffers have tested positive with COVID. Trump is speaking before thousands in non-socially-distanced, unmasked rallies. Harris/Biden must believe the polls, and have confidence in the cover they will receive from the MSM and social media during the homestretch. Or, maybe the outcome of the election itself doesn’t matter to them as much as the chaotic aftermath?

Meanwhile, my December calendar is now completely empty. All dates for my bands have canceled or postponed. My biggest money-making month of the year is gone because of our governor’s refusal to allow music venues and private event facilities to operate at financially sustainable capacity levels . . . or at all. 2020, itself, is now officially a total loss. (I’m not alone. There are millions in my exact position.) In a brand new interview with CBS News, Dr. Fauci is recommending — as we approach winter — that it’s time to “redouble our efforts” at distancing and staying away from crowds. (Oh boy.)

At the end of the long 2016 election night — after Trump was declared the victor — I at least had a sense of relief. Sure, I was both #NeverHillary and #NeverTrump throughout the campaign, and I ultimately endorsed and voted for Johnson . . . but the relief came from knowing Hillary would not be president, and all that surely would come with her administration. (Can you imagine our future if she’d had three SCOTUS picks?) Trump was effectively an unknown, and I gave him a blank score pad from which to begin his four years. He’s since been roughly 50/50 on that score pad. Hillary would have been far worse. I have a feeling there will be no such relief by the time the networks sign off their coverage on November 3rd.

So, it’s just another one of those days. One in which I continue to contemplate and worry about not just my own future, but the future of my country.

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