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Terry Law Story | The Pragmatic Constitutionalist

A couple weeks ago I introduced you to my behind-the-scenes partner, Scot Law.  Sadly, the occasion of that introduction was prompted by the unexpected passing of his father, Terry Law. I also used that announcement to tell a couple stories of Terry’s decades-long derring-do while crossing virtually every national border where normal people dare not go.  I’ve also promised that Scot and I are going to get on with the business of telling more of those stories.  I’ve been struggling for over ten years to get that project off the ground, and one of the main impediments has been the gnawing question of just how to tell the story.  Before Terry’s passing, I’d pretty much determined to write a fictionalized account — perhaps as a screenplay — that compressed many years into a shorter narrative.  Further, there’s the “believability factor.”  Some of what Terry accomplished — unheralded and unknown to the world — as well as what happened to those of us who crossed some of those forbidden borders with him, are just too impossible to believe unless you were there and witnessed these things with your own eyes.  (Perhaps we need to skip over a few of those stories?)  Scot dropped another such story on me the day of Terry’s funeral — one I’d never heard — which he shares below.  He also wanted to send you guys — TPC’s followers — his regards.  Take it away, Scot:


It’s been two weeks since my father, Terry Law, passed away and I am just now getting to a place where I can mentally write. I owe a heartfelt thank you to all of you, the TPC community, who shared your prayers and well wishes with Steve/TPC/me recently. I cannot thank you enough for the kind words. They have really meant so much to me.

None of you really know me. I am the “behind the scenes” guy who does all the work with none of the glory. (I kid, I kid). As TPC wrote before, he and I have become close, some 30+ years after he began his musical career with my father’s group, Living Sound.

In honor of my father, and as a nod to the anti-marxist/anti-communist influence he had on me and TPC, here is a little “liberty” nugget for you to savor:

It’s the Fall of 2005, and Dad and I are grabbing a quick lunch at Goldie’s, (in Tulsa, Oklahoma), when his phone rings. Dad didn’t recognize the number but answered anyway. A moment later, his face lit up with joy. He motioned to the door with his left thumb and headed outside to talk more freely with this mystery caller.

I continued to savor my Goldie’s special with cheese and gravy on my fries, (nod to Dad – it’s a Canadian thing), and Dad soon walked back to the table with his eyes wide. His face begged the obvious: what was that call about? “Thanks for abandoning me,” I joked.

The caller, (who shall remain nameless), was a close personal confidant of the late Pope John Paul II, who had passed away earlier in the year. The caller, who Dad had known for many years, was thinking of Dad and wanted to catch up, as they hadn’t spoken for some time. They both talked fondly of the late Holy Father and all that he meant to the both of them.

When the subject of the fall of communism came up, Dad said, “You know, I, along with the rest of the world give credit to John Paul II for bringing the Berlin Wall down.” The caller said, “This is part of the reason why I wanted to call you. During one of the last conversations I had with the Holy Father, I mentioned the same thing to him. (Namely, the Pope being responsible for the wall coming down). The Pope interrupted me and said, ‘No, Terry Law and Living Sound were responsible for bringing the Berlin Wall down.’” 

And Bob’s your uncle.


Yeah, we’re going to tell some of those stories, and why such a grandiose assertion can be somewhat fairly made.  In fact, my own daughter’s senior International Baccalaureate thesis was entitled, “How Music Contributed to the Fall of The Soviet Union.”

Yep.  It’s a great story.  


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