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Bloomberg News Endorses Communist Tactics To Fight COVID-19 | The Pragmatic Constitutionalist

It doesn’t take much ‘reading between the lines’ to realize what Bloomberg News was insinuating in their recently entitled article, Forced Isolation May Be the Only Way to Stop Resurgence of Virus.

Here’s a blow-by-blow commentary:

“. . . to stop the spread, those with mild or symptom-free coronavirus infections must be forced to isolate, both from their communities and family . . . move them out of their homes into centralized facilities while they get over their infections.”

Anyone remember the forced interment of Japanese Americans?  (Didn’t we eventually apologize and offer reparations, in national disgrace, because of that order given by the progressive Democratic President Roosevelt?)

“A laissez-faire approach naively trusting everyone to be responsible has been shown to be ineffective . . . “

Well, except for in Sweden, where people weren’t treated by their government as children in need of a throat-clinching Big Brother to save them from harm — where they now have only two COVID patients in ICU care.

Speaking of children:

“New Zealand has quickly enacted this strategy, placing 17 people — including two children below the age of 10 — into centralized quarantine.”

It’s interesting that Bloomberg also published a French study that showed school children were the least likely group to spread COVID, amongst themselves or to their teachers.  But, nonetheless, they still think it’s better to cage the kids away from COVID . . . while not also preventing them from the statistically more dangerous activity of riding in an automobile to school.  (Eh. But who really teaches math in school any more?)

“Their unwillingness — or inability — to do so underscores the challenges faced by liberal democracies whose populations are less likely to tolerate measures that require individual sacrifice for the greater good.”

And there you have it:  the needs of the collective outweigh the rights of the individual.  That prevailing narrative, from the earliest days of this pandemic, is a far greater danger to civilization than is COVID-19, itself . . . and exactly why I created the #CommieVirus2020 hashtag back in March.

“Unlike in previous outbreaks like the 2003 SARS epidemic, many infected people dont feel ill enough to stay home, and so spread the pathogen widely as they go about their daily lives.”

How does that meme go?  “Imagine a virus so deadly you have to get tested to find out you have it?”  Indeed, a virus so deadly that if you are killed in a motorcycle accident, but tested positive with COVID-19 during the autopsy, you are listed as a “COVID death.”  A virus so deadly, that the average age of death in almost every country just happens to be exactly the average life expectancy of that population. 

Did you catch that?  A global pandemic that is not lowering our average life expectancy . . . while millions of young Americans are cowering behind their smartphone screens with “Stay Home, Save Lives” framed around their masked social media profile photos.

In a sidebar link, Bloomberg further endorses Communist China’s standards for corralling the 0.001% killer of their healthiest population.  (Of course, Bloomberg first must give credence to the communist regime’s published data in so doing.):

“Beijing reported zero new coronavirus cases for the first time in 26 days . . .”


“. . . Beijing deployed more targeted measures . . . like confining whole neighborhoods to their homes — may be more difficult to replicate in western democracies.”

Yeah . . . like in those countries that don’t openly confine millions of ethnic and religious dissidents in re-education concentration camps, or restrict what information the entire population can access over the internet?  You mean, THOSE kinds of countries?

Back to the original article:

“Faced with a resurgence last month, Hong Kong converted an exhibition center to accommodate mild Covid-19 patients and is building more such facilities.”

More “facilities,” in Hong Kong . . . that formerly most-economically-free city on the planet, which was turned over by the British to communist Beijing for safekeeping, back in 1997.  (Gotcha.)

“The approach is effective firstly because it prevents people from infecting family members in the same household.”

There they go endorsing the splitting-up of families, again.  It also prevents the development of herd immunity, which has the net effect of extending into the indeterminate future this pandemic — and it’s subsequent “outbreaks” — for years . . . or at least until they can then order mandatory injections of a vaccine with highly questionable efficacy and safety.  (And, haven’t we been hearing a lot lately about a certain protest organizations’ desire to destroy the western “nuclear family” in order to bring “social justice” to America?  You know . . . exact words from those “trained Marxists” who founded BLM? )

“. . . the strategy is necessitated by a facet of human nature thats been seen time and again across countries and cultures: left to their own devices, some people just wont follow the rules.”

Hear, hear!  Thank god for the individualists who are capable of assessing our own risks and taking necessary precautions to protect our own families from harm, without either the “protection” or jackbooted “force” of government.  (As for the rest of humanity?  See: Darwin)  That’s not to say there aren’t threats — like war — where the strength of the collective is required to repel the aggressor.  But government is not asking us to “come together” to stop the spread of COVID.  They are telling us to “socially distance” ourselves from each other.  They are telling us we can’t gather together at church, funerals, the theater, concerts, or bars, while they create other “facilities” to separate family members from their own homes.  Otherwise, where we are allowed see each other and have brief moments of human interaction, those must take place behind masks and plastic shields.  No smiles, no emotional connections . . . dystopian.

“Rather than forcing isolation on mild cases, authorities have locked down 5 million residents in Melbourne and are tightening restrictions until new cases come under control . . . Officials are using a combination of stepped-up checks and fines of A$4,957 (US$3,550) to convince infected people to stay home, while repeat offenders risk a A$20,000 penalty in court.”

That’s a whole-lotta Aussie government love for their people, right there.  (Do you think the good folks Down Under regret so easily handing in their guns?)

The classic practice in public health is to identify, trace and quarantine,” said Yang Gonghuan, former deputy director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. But how that is carried out depends on popular sentiment and the countrys resources.”

It’s interesting that Bloomberg News — just another loyal propaganda arm of The People’s Republic of China — closes the article with a quote from that tyrannical communist regime’s own health official.  As is now the case with most of the American mainstream media, they too seem more than willing to give communists the last word on pretty much any subject — be it debate over our health, our speech, religion, or even race relations. 

That particular ideology is always sold to humanity as a means whereby the greatest measure of safety” and equality” can be achieved.  Unfortunately, wherever and whenever Marxist theory has been actually implemented, the end result hasn’t manifested itself particularly well or “safe” for anyone, anywhere, ever.  In fact, while the opposite of “safety” has always been the net result of taking advice from any historical communist leader . . . alas, here we are again.

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