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A New COVID Symptom: Writer’s Cramp | The Pragmatic Constitutionalist

It’s been a tough mental slog producing anything resembling quality, well-thought out content over the past couple of weeks.  Not because of writer’s block, and certainly not because of lack of current affairs upon which to opine or offer critical analysis.  In fact, quite the opposite.  It’s more like a psychological bottleneck produced by too many rapidly evolving events, thoughts, ideas — and worries about my own career circumstances — being poured into the wide, gaping mouth of a funnel, and then clogging up before any of it can be rationally distilled through the narrow exit tube at the other end.

Every morning I wake up to an avalanche of fresh input, upon which I make notes — which I usually message, text, or email to myself on other platforms — so that I’m sure to see them over and over again as I bounce from one device or platform to the next.  Lately, there’s just been too much . . . and my brain cramps before I can collate the information into any form that either matters, instructs, or might hold someone’s interest.  Even though forcibly unemployed these past five months, I do still have other obligations.  Some of which are just daily routines and activities based on the hope that I will one day be freed to work and earn a living again.  Other actions are new endeavors and experimental trials, just to see if someone with my background and experience can earn a living within the same industry should the “flatten the curve” disinformation campaign become that ubiquitous, permanent “new normal” we hear so much about.  (“Old dog, new tricks” kinda sh-t.)

Then, of course, there’s this whole TPC time-munching monster I’ve created and continue feeding daily with quick hits and Facebook posts in-between and outside of the more ruminative blog attempts.  We’re, (my partners and I), also in the background prepping the launch of the new TPC podcast series.  (I know I keep promising that, but it’s true.)  Part of the delay is making sure that the technology is all properly utilized, that our format and presentation are top-notch, and the quality of the final product will be worthy of the generosity of our contributors.  We’re close.  Tomorrow we’re doing a test run to make sure we’ve laid the foundation correctly.

There is of course the simple truth that none of us are getting paid to develop and build all these new TPC initiatives.  Each contributor, (including myself), working on “spec,” believing the long-game vision has an upside beyond just another forum for daily social media squabbling and flame-throwing.

In attempt to at least partially unclog the bottleneck, following are some random, topic-jumping, quick-hit thoughts and comments that have been ‘cramping my style’ the past couple of weeks:


-OOPS!  I Got Something Wrong.

In my Aug. 3rd blog entitled, “They’re Lying To Us. Here’s Exactly How they Do It,” I made an error.  A rather critical one, but not one that in any way diminished the thesis of the blog itself.  Critical, in that the reality of modern discourse is such that, to get 1% wrong is to give your naysayers license to dismiss, criticize, and set aflame the 99% you get correct. 

In my presentation of the study of the 100 recovering COVID patients who might have longterm heart damage directly related to the virus, I made the silly mistake of taking the literal phrase, presented thusly as: “100 patients diagnosed with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus,” to mean that all 100 patients exhibited “severe” and “acute” symptoms.  Because the authors of the study didn’t use the medical abbreviation of SARS-CoV-2,” or the WHO designation of “COVID-19,” in my haste I took it as a literal statement that all of those patients had “severe acute” symptoms of the disease.

Ironically, the WHO purposefully changed the name of the disease from SARS-CoV-2 to COVID-19 for the express purpose of avoiding misinterpretation: “From a risk communications perspective, using the name SARS can have unintended consequences in terms of creating unnecessary fear for some populations.”

Point being . . . labeling a disease as “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome,” when no such dire symptoms manifest in the vast majority of those infected by the virus, is a tad overstated, in and of itself.  To say that all 100 of the patients were diagnosed as having “severe acute respiratory syndrome” is both technically accurate — as to the original identity of the virus — but also symptomatically false, as many of those studied exhibited nothing remotely “severe” or “acute.”

So, I got that bit wrong.  Not all were “severe,” as some were “mildly” symptomatic.  They also stated, Our study has limitations.  They do not represent patients who are completely asymptomatic with COVID-19.”  Still, of the 100 hundred recovered patients, 60% of which exhibited “ongoing myocardial inflammation,” there is still the inescapable fact that amongst those in the study: “22 had hypertension, 18 had diabetes, 22 had hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol), 13 had known coronary artery disease, 21 had COPD or asthma, and 22 were smokers.”

I apologize for the error, but stand by the totality of the thesis.


The New George Floyd Cop Body Cam Video.

If you haven’t seen the newly-released Minneapolis Police body cam video of George Floyd’s arrest, you may just have your entire perspective changed about any sympathies or justifications for the chaos that was then unleashed upon America’s cities.  In addition to the little known fact that the primary arresting officer was also a black man, he and the other officers involved were all-too accommodating and helpful to an extremely chemically-impaired George Floyd, who was initially removed from the drivers seat(!) of his automobile.  Floyd’s own companions indicated to the officers that he both had “something else” going on, and might also be a little crazy.  Floyd was also claiming he couldn’t breathe long before Officer Chauvin even arrived and placed the infamous knee on Floyd’s neck. Floyd demonstrably began resisting the officers as they gently — but firmly — tried to get him into their squad vehicle.  They constantly sympathized with his claimed “claustrophobia,” and on numerous occasion promised to open the windows and turn on the air-conditioner to make him more comfortable.  Floyd himself eventually asked to be removed from the car and be put on the ground.

What followed is all too notable, and highly questionable, but before the knee-to-neck restraint was applied, at no point did the officers do anything even remotely abusive as they went far and above the call of duty to both deescalate the situation and offer multiple accommodations to someone who was was obviously critically impaired in his speech, thinking, and actions.

While this does not ultimately justify the eight and half minutes of pressure applied to Floyd’s neck by Officer Chauvin, the entire body cam footage completely overturns the prevailing narrative that these were somehow “predatory racist cops” out “looking for another black man to kill.”  It simply didn’t happen that way, and because of the body cam footage, we may very well see these officers either have their criminal charges greatly reduced, dropped entirely, and most likely spending no time in prison — with the possible exception of some reduced charges or much more minor conviction against Chauvin.

 God help us when this verdict comes down.


Kamala Harris, “Pragmatic Moderate?”  Puleeeeze.

Every liberal and progressive think tank has her rated as either the most liberal/progressive/leftist Senator, or at least barely to the right of Elizabeth Warren.  Most have her to the left of both Warren and Bernie Sanders.  It should be noted that these rankings are not critical, but praising of her far left voting record while in the Senate.  Yet, you can count on the NY Times editorial board to pull “pragmatic moderate” out of their collectivist asses in order to purposefully deceive the general public as to who and what she really is during the final run-up to the election.

Oh . . . by the way.  Do you know who’s voting record was also previously to the left of #LiawathaLiz and #BoshevikBernie? 

That would be the former Senator . . . Joe Biden.

I wouldn’t even trust the scores from the sports page of the NY Times, without first verifying them from another source.


I Riled Up The Troops About The NC Boy Who Was Murdered.

When I did a quick Facebook post this past week about 5-year old Cannon Hinnant being executed at point blank range by his adult, black neighbor, Darius Sessoms, I got one of the largest push-backs I can ever remember receiving from a single post.  The prevailing pushback being that the mainstream media’s wall-to-wall overage of George Floyd’s death — or that for any other unarmed black man slain by a cop — is in no way comparable to the MSM’s complete blackout of the day-in/day-out, run-of-the-mill, humdrum, garden variety murder of a white kid by just another mentally-unstable black dude.

Man . . . talk about missing the point!  

Yes . . . Sessoms was arrested, charged, and will likely spend the rest of his life in prison or a mental institution, but, those Minneapolis officers were also arrested, charged, will face a trail, and yet the riots and destruction have persisted for weeks following their arrest.

That’s still not the point.  In this current climate of falsely-manufactured racial unrest and division — in which white people are being expected to kneel in supplication and forgiveness for sins never personally committed — in which names, faces, words, speech, history, and people themselves are being cancelled, daily — had the race roles been reversed in the slaying of that North Carolina child, there’d have been relentless national media coverage, and additional hell to pay in America’s streets.  It would have been decried by the MSM and BLM as yet another example of “systemic racism” by “privileged whites.”

At the very least . . . where are the charges of a “hate crime?”  I can guarantee you that phrase would have been spilling relentlessly from the mouths and pens of every MSM commentator had Hinnant been black, and Sessoms white.

I know it, and YOU know it.  It’s not a question of whether this murder should be covered differently, it’s that we know why this didn’t receive even remotely the same attention from the likes of CNN, MSNBC, NYTimes, WaPo, and the like.  In fact . . . exactly nothing came from those named sources.  Total silence.


Okay . . . that’s enough for now.  (“Tl;DR.”  Yeah . . . I got it.)  But, this screed doesn’t even scratch the surface of the notes in my pile, while the news, and my thoughts thereupon, proceed unrelentingly.  Also, there’s the daily barrage of private messages I receive from followers wishing me to comment upon any number of subjects and news stories.  (Many of which I find quite compelling.)  I just can’t get to them all while still trying to figure out how to pay my bills in a world where my particular livelihood has not only been indefinitely suspended, but also one in which the “experts” and our elected overlords now claim may never return to normal until we all willingly bend over and take the coming, literal injection up the ass.

Wake up every morning with that particular thought on your mind, and I can assure you . . . your brain will likely seize and cramp, too. 

#CommieVirus2020 #KamalaHarris #GeorgeFloyd #CannonHinnant


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