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COVID-19 Is Less Deadly Than Seasonal Flu, For Most | The Pragmatic Constitutionalist

For most age groups, and most worldwide demographics . . . this is apparently the case.  Rather than implementing strategies for protecting those for whom this is not the case, we have destroyed our economy, unprecedentedly quarantined our healthy population, inflicted longterm hardship on tens-of-millions, forced thousands of businesses into bankruptcy, created a mental health crisis the likes of which we’ve never before seen, and opened the long-awaited door for command-and-control neo-Marxists to ride in with their centralized-government solutions.

I’m going to skip over the heavy-duty math, and simply give you the final calculations of this worldwide, 21-region study.  If you cannot, or will not look at the difference between “case fatality rate” and “infected fatality rate,” I cannot help you.  Wanton ignorance has been a far more rampant plague, from the beginning of this crisis, than has COVID-19 itself.  For some, panic and fear has been far more titillating than has commonsense and real science.  Even as “mortality rates” continue to fall — from all measurable resources — rather than a cause for hope and celebration, that group continues to demand evermore subservience to the draconian dictates of governmental “expert” mouthpieces.

Even while the CDC’s own research admits to a population-wide survivability rate of 99.74%, certain commenters on my own Facebook page continue to claim that 5% of those infected by COVID-19 are dying.  It’s simply not true, but so successful has been the disinformation of extremist government leaders and their MSM comrades.

While the NY Times publishes an article calling Sweden a “cautionary tale,” researchers from the University of Stockholm blow the doors off the narrative.  In short:

For those who are school-aged, with no comorbidities, their survivability rate — after being infected — is 99.99996%.

-Even with a single underlying comorbidity, that age group’s survivability is 99.9639%.

As of February 28th of this year, 125 American children died from the seasonal flu.  As reported yesterday, only 14 school-aged Americans have died from COVID-19.

-By contrast, those who are over 80 years of age, having at least one comorbidity are most at risk.  Males in that age range only have a 79.9154% chance of survivability. The very group stuffed into senior care facilities by the city of New York.

New York City, with a population of 8.3 million has suffered 22,895 COVID deaths.  The country of Sweden, with a population of 10.5 million — and no mandatory lockdowns, and elementary schools remaining open — has only had 5,646 deaths from this virus . . . and they are the “cautionary tale?”

For those interested in looking at the hard math, I’ll leave you with this exhaustive study:

Predicted Covid-19 Fatality Rates

You should use this information to assess your own risk and the risk of those with whom you must interact, and take necessary precautions, if any.  The rest of us should demand our right to return to normalcy and reject further impositions on our freedom to engage in free association and commerce.

Enough is enough.

#CommieVirus2020 #ReOpenAmerica #UnMaskTheAgenda

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