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Thus Sayeth the Mayor | The Pragmatic Constitutionalist

“And the mayor provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mask.” -TPC 13:7

As of 4pm tomorrow, here in Raleigh, NC, it will then be mandatory that face masks are worn in most public places.  Except . . .

. . . no citations will be issued for violators.

. . . masks are not required if it’s against your religion.

. . . also not required if you have a health condition that prevents you from wearing one. 

. . . not required for children under 12 years old.  (Which is how you know this is a load of commie horse hockey, when the number one germ-carrying demographic — those filthy little prepubescent bastards — are exempt.)

This is an “emergency” executive order from our mayor . . . except it’s apparently not enough of an emergency to actually enforce compliance. She is implementing a “policy of education, not enforcement,” because it’s an . . . “emergency.”

That said, she really, REALLY means it this time.  Her exact quote was, “We asked. Now we’re telling.”  Tough talk from the little tyrant wannabe . . . except it’s not really mandatory. What the mayor publicly stated, is her “hope” that “local retailers” will be the enforcement arm of her temper tantrum against patriots, freedom lovers, and people with working immune systems. 

Unfortunately, this makes sense in the City of Raleigh — for her to place the enforcement onus on shop owners — because the chief of police openly refused to “risk the lives” of her officers to enforce laws against other things, like . . . assault, property destruction, looting, and arson . . . as happened during our recent spate of peaceful protests.

I suspect a lot of Raleigh-ites will now be finding a new relationship with god, (seems any god will do), come 4pm on Friday when our mayor’s “emergency” order takes effect. And if we refuse to wear a mask at our local grocer or drug store, we needn’t be concerned about getting tased, arrested, or shot by an RPD officer.  It’s going to be the duty of the 17-year old cashier — on her summer job — to refuse ringing up your bag of Tangy Pickle Doritos and 12-pack of Magnum Trojans.  (Although I’m sure the cashier will also have the support of a handful of nearby jeering Nancy’s.)

Who else among our Followers are currently under similar orders?  What does compliance look like in your area?  Any personal anecdotes you’d like to share?


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