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The Time Has Come For a Change | The Pragmatic Constitutionalist

For several months I have been struggling over this, but recent events and circumstances have more than necessitated the need for me to change the name of this Page and our expanding initiatives, away from the confusing association with the Libertarian Party.  Make no mistake . . . politically, I am still a small government, “small l” libertarian — in the manner of the Founding principles of this country — and while I’ve never been a member of the Libertarian Party, that assumption has become much more of a stumbling block than any possible advantage.

From this point forward, and in preparation for the launch of our new website and podcasts, I am now rebranding to “The Pragmatic Constitutionalist.”  (TPC)

There’s no other way to say it than to be perfectly honest.  The bickering and infighting over what and who is a “real” libertarian is the single most tiring, annoying, and infuriating conversation with which I must daily contend — and I have now done so for almost 10 years — since the inception of this Page.  Additionally, the inescapable association with the Libertarian Party must end, as the LP is more ideologically adrift from sound libertarian principles than ever.  More so than at anytime in that Party’s history — and especially since the 2016 presidential campaign — they have become a laughing stock.  While I needn’t list the many reasons for that assessment, I feel I should at least share with you my “breaking point.”

This week I posted images from Sasha Cohen’s Facebook page.  Shasha is a declared LP candidate for state office in Illinois.  On his page he recently, and proudly declared, #IAmAntifa.” While all of us in the liberty movement are adamantly “anti-fascist,” to align one’s self — or whatever reason — with a violent, far-left organization that carries flags with communist symbols is inexcusable.  I was then stunned at how many Libertarian Party members came to his defense with vile ad hominem attacks, including the false accusation that I must be a “fascist.” One such verbal assault came from Jake Leonard, the Political Director at Libertarian Party of Illinois, who so eloquently admonished me with with a pithy, “go f**k yourself.”  (Great way to represent the Party, Jake!)

After numerous back-n-forths with defensive LP members in that comment thread, I began to do a bit more research.  With little effort, I stumbled upon something that troubled even further:

On the “Antifa New Hampshire” Page, I came upon these discoveries:

Spike Cohen, the current LP candidate for Vice President . . . Likes and “Recommends” AntiFa NH.

Mike Shipley, a Candidate for LNC Chair . . . “Recommends” Antifa NH, saying, “Libertarianism is inherently antifascist. Thank you for your service.”  He also has multiple posts and memes defending Antifa, claiming there’s a lot of “made up stuff” about Antifa.

JC Cook, the Vice Chairman of Libertarian Party of Texas . . . Likes and “Recommends” the Antifa NH page, saying, “This is what real libertarianism looks like.”  (WTF?!?!)  He also has multiple Facebook posts sympathetic to Antifa, and is part of the “Libertarian Socialist Caucus.”  (Yeah . . . there really is such a thing.)

Stephen Griffin, is Chairman at Libertarian Party of Jackson County, MS . . . he also Likes Antifa NH.

Desarae Lindsey, the recent Campaign Manager at Vermin Supreme for President . . . “Recommends” Antifa NH, saying, “Awesome group of humans who stand by and for the individual!”

I stopped right there.  I didn’t bother looking for other LP leadership connections and/or their sympathies to Antifa.  That was enough to bring me to my decision to rebrand this Page and all of our upcoming projects.  Add to this, the chaotic infighting and organization at the national Party level, their increasing indulgence of radical, leftist factions, and . . . I deemed it better to make this change now, than later.

I still have many friends who are active in the LP, and I have great respect for their individual principles and their continued efforts to move the liberty message forward, but they are becoming increasingly marginalized by the national Party’s horrible PR stumbles and growing associations with those extremist elements.  I will continue to offer positive commentary about any of their candidates who are “doing it right,” but I will also not hesitate to shine a bright spotlight on those radicals who not only damage their Party, but then also drag the rest of us who love liberty down with them.

This thought process has been long on my mind.  The aftermath of the atrocity that took place in Minneapolis last week basically brought to the surface the “straw that broke the camel’s back.”

As for what you’ll see coming from this Page:  the e-Newsletter, our new blog site, and podcasts . . . only the name has changed.

That said, if you haven’t yet done so, please sign up for our e-Newsletter, here:

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Thank you for your continued support and participation.  The best is yet to come.

Steve Baker

The Pragmatic Constitutionalist

P.S.  I took this photo of James Madison’s desk — where he drafted the Constitution — on a pilgrimage made to Montpelier this past December.

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