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So What You’re Saying Is… | The Pragmatic Constitutionalist

So What You’re Saying Is . . .

The most ridiculously absurd “so-what-you’re-saying-is” comment on my post from Saturday morning?

“What I’m most fearful of is the gentleman in question who started this post by saying “no cops better mess with me, because I’m armed” . . . This is the definition of irresponsible gun ownership. Someone who is relatively anxious to use a sidearm against people, ALL FOR MASK WEARING/NOT WEARING. I call this “a trigger happy moron. Not a well prepared responsible individual.”

To begin with, I didn’t “start” the post with any such comment.  The comment to which he twisted and interposed meaning, came at the very end.  1,000 words preceded the sentence he mangled.

I take regular, 5-7 mile walks about three to four times a week.  Rarely do I walk unarmed.  It just so happened that this Friday, at 4pm, my city’s “mandatory mask order” went into effect.  I didn’t lock-n-load for the purpose of an armed confrontation with local law enforcement over the mask order.  I didn’t change a single habit of my own.  Our mayor altered the terms of our public dress code.

Further, the primary context of my post was about the ordered stand-down of law enforcement on Friday night, so that the mob could destroy more property and tear down statues at the State Capital building.  The point of my final comment?  If police will not protect lives, businesses, and property, they sure as hell better not hassle me about not wearing a mask.  To insinuate that I was making a violent threat is absurd.  I’m more than capable of having a reasoned, principled conversation with anyone — LEOs included — while carrying, and without threat.  (There’s even a recent video posted of me openly confronting a couple dozen officers for having shut down a #ReopenNC protest as a “non-essential activity.”  I was by myself, in the middle of a large group of LEOs, and open carrying.  There was no insinuation of threat in my verbal challenge to their authority for taking such an action.)

As it happened, this past Saturday morning, I arrived at the Capitol building to find crowds watching state work crews removing the remaining Confederate statues from the Capitol grounds.  Lots of cops present.  Lots of cameras.  (Even a contingency of the New Black Panther Party.)  All peaceful.

I came upon a really young Raleigh PD officer, sitting alone in his patrol car, with his window down.  I walked up to him, introduced myself, and asked:

ME:  “Completely off the record . . . can you tell me who gave the stand-down order last night, allowing the mob to pull down those statues?”

OFFICER:  “I honestly have no idea.  I wasn’t on duty.”

ME:  “Surely you’ve heard some of the other guys talking about it?”

OFFICER:  “I really haven’t.  This is actually my first shift back on duty after a two-week vacation, so I’m kinda out of the loop about all that’s been happening lately.”

ME:  “I was watching the live local news stream of the protests last night.  At 8:30, one of the Capitol Police officers was shown to be having a conversation with the assumed protest leader.  When they finished their conversation, the Capitol Police, RPD, and State Troopers all got in their cars and drove away, leaving the scene to the mob.”

OFFICER:  “I’m really sorry that happened.”

ME:  “Okay.  Thanks, and stay safe.”

OFFICER:  “Thank you.”

He didn’t ask why I wasn’t wearing a mask.  I’m also happy to report that about 50% of everyone I saw during my walk were also giving a mask-less middle finger to the Mayor that morning.  I went into a coffee shop where neither of the three 20-somethings behind the counter were wearing masks.  I visited my neighborhood cigar shop, and none of the five other gentlemen, including the proprietor, were wearing masks.  As I passed my local grocer, I witnessed people entering and leaving without masks on.

Just another pleasant Saturday morning stroll.  Likely outside the comprehension skills of the aforementioned commenter — and paraphrasing Robert Heinlein — “An armed society really can be a polite society.”  (Now, cue the first person to bring up “Somalia” — and I’ll handle that one, politely, as well.)  😉


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