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Masks…Again. | The Pragmatic Constitutionalist

Masks . . . Again

You may have noticed, this mask thing is a real burr under my saddle.  I’ve written about it several times, posted the contradictory articles about their efficacy in mitigating #CommieVirus transmission, and repeated over and over that #iWillNotComply.  Invariably, someone in a comment thread will ask:  “If wearing masks for everyone was mandatory, and that allowed you to go back to work, would that change your mind?”

ME:  “Uhhhhh.  I’m a trumpet player.  Next question.”

As it happens, here in North Carolina, mask wearing becomes mandatory, (kinda, sorta), today at 5pm, and no . . . I’m still not allowed to go back to work.  Coronagruppenfuhrer Roy Cooper has announced an extension of “Phase 2” restrictions for another three weeks, and included an executive order making mask requirements mandatory, statewide.  Using the Book of Revelations as an instruction manual for his dystopian, despotic rulership over an entire population, his order reads:

“And he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mask.”

Literally ONE LETTER difference from John the Revelator’s prophetic, eschatological warning of a time when we wouldn’t be able to access the most basic of life services unless we wore the “mark” of total servitude.  Do I equate Governor Cooper to the “Beast” of this end times vision?  No. Not at all.  And, no . . . the executive order doesn’t really quote scripture, but that is the net effect.  If we wish to engage in direct commerce of any kind — apart from Amazon Prime and Dominos Pizza delivery — we must wear the “mask” of servitude based on the order of ONE MAN.  Not a council.  No committee.  Not a legislative vote.  One man, and his own, personal cherry-picking of the “science” in a state which has never even been close to being in crisis mode from COVID-19.

And . . . this executive order is a convoluted mess.  Consider these key passages.  (CAPS are mine, for emphasis):

*In addition, restaurants must have all customers wear Face Coverings when not at their table, UNLESS THE CUSTOMER STATES THAT AN EXCEPTION APPLIES.

(What are those “exceptions?”  Pretty much whatever physical or mental heath concern we state, or whatever religious conviction we can concoct.)


(Interestingly . . . no “exception” need be stated to hop on a city bus.  Hmmm.  Wonder why?  Is it because our minority population is more likely to avail themselves of public transportation, Herr Cooper?)


(No requirement to prove anything you claim when entering any place of business.)

*Under this Executive Order, ALL NORTH CAROLINIANS WILL BE ON THE HONOR SYSTEM ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT THERE IS A REASON WHY THEY CANNOT WEAR A FACE COVERING. Everyone in this state is asked to TELL THE TRUTH and – if they are healthy and able to, wear a mask.

(Let’s get this straight.  GOVERNMENT, made up of persons — virtually without exception — who do nothing BUT lie in order to achieve and maintain their offices, is putting US on an “honor system,” asking US to “tell the truth” to the little old lady greeting lady at Walmart and the 20-year old barista at Starbucks?  I’ll tell you what . . . I hereby make the solemn commitment to to be every bit as honest as Governor Roy Cooper has been while in office.  Deal, Roy?  I’m reminded of George Carlin’s first life principle:  “I have certain rules I live by.  The first: I don’t believe anything the government tells me.  Nothing.  Zero.”)

*Citations under this Section shall be written only to businesses or organizations that fail to enforce the requirement to wear Face Coverings. OPERATORS OF BUSINESSES AND ORGANIZATIONS ARE ENTITLED TO RELY ON THEIR CUSTOMERS OR PATRONS’ STATEMENTS ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE EXCEPTED FROM THE FACE COVERING REQUIREMENTS, and businesses and organizations do not violate this Executive Order if they rely on such statements.

(That one’s a peach.  Put another way:  “citizens will not be fined for failure to wear a mask, though businesses can be issued citations for failure to enforce the executive order, but not if the citizen claims any unproved exemption.”  Mmmkay.  Got it.)

And, finally . . .


On Coronagrupenfuhrer Cooper’s Facebook page, thousands of North Carolinians are applauding and thanking the governor for taking such a “bold” and “brave” and “necessary” action to “save the lives” of our people.  Of course, none of them have actually read his executive order, which is really nothing more than “Tyranny on the Honor System.”  (h/t to C. Edmund Wright for that little ditty.)

Over and again we have seen CDC, WHO, and Fauci flip-flops on the efficacy of masks in preventing the spread of COVID-19.  We’ve also read many top health officials who are critical of, not only their effectiveness, but also warning of the masks many detriments to health.  (If you don’t already know this, I’ve got two words for you:  “Goo Gle.”)  Not to mention the many epidemiologists who recommend that only higher at-risk persons and healthcare workers use them — otherwise, by universal mask usage, we’re actually extending the problem indefinitely, not allowing the population to reach so-called herd immunity, and get the worst of this epidemic behind us. 

So, why not wear masks, and just “go along to get along?”  They say, “this is not for your safety, but for the safety of others.”  

Because . . . 
A) it defies the most basic principles of individual responsibility and self-determination.  It continues to send a collectivist message that it’s “our” responsibility to see to the welfare of “everyone else.”  Rather than being responsible for our own individual health and wellbeing, we must look to the group and to the government to take care of us.  In the case of coronavirus, they are literally requiring over 99% of us to alter our behaviors for the benefit of less than 1%.  

B)  the science and the math are simply not on the side of any of the draconian measures enacted and continued since that ubiquitous “curve” was flattened.

I’m not a heartless, selfish bastard.  I have elderly relatives.  If I’m put in a situation where I’m needed in their presence, I’ve no problem wearing a mask.  If I had some reason to visit a senior care facility, I’d wear a mask.  But, on Main Street USA . . . the tyranny of neither the minority or the majority — or that of ONE MAN — should prevail over ANY individual’s right to interact, associate, congregate, and contract with anyone else of similar disposition.  I’ve called this #CommieVirus2020 from the beginning for precisely that reason.  And now, they are manipulating us into all wearing the mask of conformity and servitude to that prevailing collectivist mindset.


As an aside . . . why haven’t all these “experts,” — who for months told us masks weren’t necessary, but who’ve now suddenly changed their minds — been FIRED from their jobs for misleading us in the first place? 


Just last night, myself and my two adult children set out to find a place where we could grab a bite and a brew without the hassle of the mask requirement.  We chose a restaurant in downtown Raleigh with ample outdoor seating.  In fact, from the reception desk to the patio, we’d never have to set foot inside.  Several tables where available within mere feet of the host’s station.  The 20-something host informed us that we’d have to wear a mask just to be escorted from her station to a table only 15 feet away — where we could then un-mask ourselves.  I pointed out that we didn’t even have to go inside.  She then told me they had masks available for only $1.  I told her they were against my religion.  She said that didn’t matter — it was the restaurant’s own policy.  I pointed out that both the mayor’s and governor’s orders allowed for a “religious exemption.”  She still refused to seat us.

“No one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mask.

I’ve already made my most recent grocery purchase through Amazon Prime.  I’ll now also take advantage of one of multiple options for online meat delivery.  I will not comply.

A couple of days ago, one of TPC’s followers commented:

“So you think you make the world safer trying to get fewer people to wear a mask?”

ME:  “Totalitarianism has killed more than did the entire worldwide run of the bubonic plague.  So . . . yeah.”

It’s not really about the masks. It’s this progressive mindset toward our population’s growing willingness to submit — to whatever the elitist ruling class orders — that scares the hell out of me.  A “pandemic” mindset that is far more dangerous than posed by this particular virus.

Meanwhile, I’m still denied the opportunity to earn a living in my lifelong profession — one in which I physically cannot wear a mask as a function of that profession.  (And, all my bills are still due the first of the month.)
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