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Feelin’ kinda cute . . . think I’ll go offend some Karens and New Castrati during a long, maskless, open-carry walk. 

I’m most interested to find a cop who will tell me who ordered the stand down at the State Capital last night, so that protestors could destroy more property. 

I was watching the local WRAL live feed as hundreds gathered around monuments to pull down statues honoring Confederate war dead. The on-scene reporter explained that while police had thwarted earlier attempts to take down the statues, at approximately 8:30pm, one of the State Capital Police had a short, private conversation with the “apparent leader of the demonstration.”  When that chat concluded, the Capital Police, Raleigh PD, and all State Police withdrew from the scene, leaving it to the mob. 

I can only assume that this stand down order must have come from Governor Cooper, given that this was state property about to be defaced. 

As I’ve said before . . . I don’t care about preserving Confederate statues in the public square. Move them to a museum. But I do care about the rule of law. This is the third time in as many weeks that local law enforcement has abandoned its responsibilities in the face of mob rule. While downtown businesses are struggling to recover from COVID shutdowns, they can’t even feel safe to open with these continued, unabated protests and violent acts. Even on a Friday night, our downtown streets were devoid of a typically vibrant nightlife — so fearful are citizens to go out during back-to-back crises — instead, leaving the streets to only demonstrators and news cameras. 

After one of the statues was pulled down into the street, the protestors cheered wildly, then began that insipid chant:

“Tell me what democracy looks like . . . THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE.”

Lost on them was the irony that they are fundamentally correct: pure democracy being nothing more than mob rule. But, I’m certain none of them learned that lesson in school. 

Meanwhile, the elected officials who gather in that capital building — ostensibly the “democratically” elected representatives of the people of North Carolina — had no chance to represent their constituents’ voices in this violent protest action. Neither were they consulted by the governor, or whichever official ordered police to hand my state’s capital over to that mob. 

This is NOT what representative, republican, (small “r”), democracy looks like. 

Time for my morning walk. I better not hear a goddamned word from a cop about me not wearing a mask. 


#PureDemocracyIsMobRule #PushbackNOW #CancelCooper

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