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A Threat Greater Than COVID-19 | The Pragmatic Constitutionalist

The convoluted, contradictory disinformation and propaganda campaign continues!

*States seeing spikes in coronavirus cases are re-closing bars, while states that had not yet reopened bars are also seeing more cases of the virus.  Weeks of protests, demonstrations, marches, and riots apparently had nothing to do with these spikes — primarily among younger, 20 and 30-somethings — but “reopen business protests,” Trump rallies, and gatherings in bars are to blame?  (We’ve all seen those headlines.  Have we not?)

*States re-closing bars, along with states that have yet to open bars, allow restaurants with bars to remain open — though some of those can now only serve alcohol for takeout . . . in our cars.  (That’s one way to kill the virus, I suppose.)  

*Under current Executive Order, here in Raleigh, NC, I can sit inside a brewery, (only after wearing a mask while being escorted to my table), remove my mask and drink as many high-gravity beers, ciders or glasses of wine as I wish . . . but a bar that also serves whisky, gin, vodka, cognac, and tequila . . . nope . . . those still cannot open.

*Yesterday’s Reclaim Pride parades packed city streets for hours, with thousands of people who will today verbally accost you for how “selfishly” you are “killing grandma” by not wearing a mask at your local grocer . . . even if there for only a few minutes . . . while maintaining ample social distancing.  They’ll also be touching the same self-checkout screen and credit card keypad — or exchanging cash back-n-forth with cashiers — all touched by innumerable other ungloved, unwashed hands.  (And just think about all those avocados fondled and squeezed by strangers.)

*Mandatory mask laws do not apply when using public transportation?  (What?  Wasn’t that an identified significant source for spread of the virus in NYC?)  A county in Oregon excludes minorities from mask requirements in their Executive Order?  (What?  Haven’t we been told that blacks are at higher-risk from this virus?)  Where’s Black Lives Matter on these obvious, systemic acts of racism?

A cascading number of worldwide studies continue to confirm, (as many of us have been pointing out, all along), survival rates for those who contract COVID-19 are now measuring consistently in the 99.6% range, (as an average across all age and at-risk groups).  If you’re under 60 years old, with no co-morbidities, that survivability number jumps to 99.999%. Yet, somehow, most Americans still believe this pandemic is the single greatest existential crisis in the history of our nation, and as such, people are demanding governments suspend individual liberties to “protect grandma.”  This, despite the overwhelming historical evidence that “doing what government tells you to do” has always been the greater threat to the greatest number of lives.

The Spanish Flu killed upwards of 50 million people, worldwide, (in an era of poor hygiene, widespread malnutrition, undeveloped healthcare, and virtually non-existent viral science), while in the same century, doing what Chairman Mao told you to do resulted in 80 million deaths.  Add to that . . . doing what Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Castro told you to do . . . Hmmm?  (To be fair . . . how many died doing what LBJ, GWB, and BHO told us to do?  I bet it’s far more than will ultimately die from the ‘Rona.)

Despite the fact that COVID-19 will eventually kill millions of people, (as have a variety of other flu and cold viruses), it will never be as dangerous or frightening as that short quote I posted last night from a discussion I was having about masks on a friend’s personal FB page.  The line, directed at me, was:   

“. . . if masks help with the pandemic, forget about rights.”

“Forget about rights.”  That’s what scares me to death.  You must understand, that from my perspective . . . IT’S NOT ABOUT MASKS.  You will never be ridiculed or called, by me, a “sheep” for choosing to wear a mask.  To wear or not to wear, for whatever personal reason or motivation you might have, is none of my business, and it is completely your right to make that choice without either guilt or coercion.  But, from the beginning of this crisis we have been met with a progressively more restrictive series of mandated prohibitions against normal daily behaviors — including the right of many us to simply earn a living. Those have been followed by both paid and voluntary informants — even technology-enabled contact tracing — to insure our compliance.  All the while, government proceeds unabated in their absurdist, contradictory applications of those restrictions.  (See above.)

From the very onset of this crisis, I warned about the growing rhetoric describing a “war on coronavirus.”  Why did that phrase concern me?  Because war is always used as a justification for the suspension of rights and mandatory changes in normal behaviors to rally us into collective responsibility against a common enemy.  This rhetoric is used when the enemy is either, real, imaginary, or not really an enemy at all.  It’s used against either legitimate threats against our shores and way of life, or to justify interventionist incursions against non-threats with whom we have disagreements about how they govern themselves.  

How has the “war against poverty” worked out?  How about the “the war on drugs?”  (Hmmm?)  A justifiable war is only against another collective force that threatens our security, but this time we’re demanding a war against nature itself — against a virus with a 99.6% survival rate and against something that never threatened our economy or our way of life.  The actual collateral damage of this war has been self-inflicted by the friendly-fire of our own governments against each individuals’ right to choose how we assess and mitigate our own risks.  Indeed, our society, economy, way of life, and the American dream were never threatened by coronavirus.  Only by governmental response.

We’re finally witnessing — in real time — the much greater threat posed by decades of our educational system and mass media’s softening of the public into the acceptance of authoritarian and Marxist ideas as the way out of any crisis.  Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm are no longer required reading in public schools — replaced by multiculturalism, identity politics, social justice and common core curricula.  Our children are no longer taught that America led most of the world in ending thousands of years of systemic slavery, but instead are now being told that we actually “created” slavery.  The concept of individual responsibility is now referred to as “selfishness,” and collectivism is the only viable resolution to all society’s ills.  Even when government-instituted systemic problems are properly identified, the cure is always to institute far more expensive and restrictive systemic solutions.  The kind rife with even worse, unintended consequences(Or, are they really unintended?)

Up next is “The Great Reset” forum, (https://www.weforum.org/great-reset) scheduled to take place in January of 2021, where global business interests, banking elite, tech giants, and political leaders seek to take advantage of this opportunistic moment, (facilitated by COVID-19), to finally “hit the reset button” on capitalism, nationalism, and individual rights.  From China, the United Kingdom, to America, the leaders of this movement to end capitalism by means of greater “social justice,” (i.e. Marxism), include far leftists and Marxists, such as:

-Ma Jun, Chairman, Member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the People’s Bank of China

-Charles, Prince of Wales

-Former Vice President Al Gore

-António Guterres, Secretary-General, United Nations

-Bradford L. Smith, President, Microsoft

-Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum

This draconian overreactions to this pandemic — including the more passive, “reasonable” mitigation idea of mandatory masks — have never been about “saving grandma.”  BLM — the organization — has little, if anything to do with black lives actually mattering.  The unsupportive science and data, as well as the resumes of those seeking to take advantage of these crises, belie the underlying agenda.

I could easily and justifiably brand this blog as “The anti-Conspiratorial Constitutionalist.”  I do not respond to the many conspiracy theory videos and articles sent to me.  While I never block those who disagree with me in their comments, I do delete and hide the more extremist conspiratorial posts and comments.  I’ve actually met David IckeHe’s a nutcase.  I’ve no desire to be associated with any such person, or their ideas, but, I am convinced — now, more than ever — that we are witnessing the accelerated unfolding of what David Icke rightly identifies as the “Problem/Reaction/Solution Scenario.”  A scenario in which powerful figures are better able to take advantage of a problem, (real or imaginary), and the fearful reactions to that problem, to advance solutions and radical changes the majority of any electorate would otherwise reject in normal times.  In other words: “never let a crisis go to waste.”

This virus does not frighten me.  Wearing a mask, in and of itself, does not bother me.  (Neither does the heat I’ve taken from long-time followers.  That’s just part and parcel to taking a controversial stance.) What’s behind the mask, and the growing call by average Americans to “forget about rights,” scares the hell out of me.  That is the real threat we now face.

#WakeUpAmerica #iWillNotComply #CommieVirus2020 #TheGreatReset #UnMaskTheAgenda

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