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As Deemed by the Secretary | The Pragmatic Constitutionalist

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously mumbled something about having to “pass the bill” in order for us to be able to “see what’s in it.”  I’ve often wondered how many CongressCreeps took the time to read the entire “Obamacare” legislation before their vote was cast?  I’ve also wondered how many professional trumpet players bothered to read that bill before throwing in their two cents on social media?  As to the latter question, I only know of one:  this guy. —TPL 

As Deemed by the Secretary 

“As deemed by the Secretary” is the most dangerous phrase in the Obamacare legislation.I wrote of this three years ago after reading the original bill, myself.It is quite demonstrably . . . carte blanche to tyranny,given to this and any subsequent Presidential administration. 

It allowed, as deemed by the Secretary, a 2,000 page piece of legislation to be expanded to over 32,000 pages of regulations approved by not a single vote of our elected representatives in Congress.It is Law by Decree . . . as deemed by the secretary.Law of the land, without representation, affecting nearly every aspect of our economy and eliminating all pretense of privacy in our personal lives. 

And yes, “as deemed by the Secretary” can be found in laws granting oversight to not just Sebelius’ DHHS, but also the Depts. of Ag., Trans., State, etc.Which, of course, grants entirely too much power to the Executive Branch.These small tyrannies have been granted by a combination of slothful, self-interested, and subversive Congresspersons — without Constitutional authority, and usually in exchange for some goodies helpful in ensuring their next reelection. 

“As deemed by the Secretary” is ultimately going to bite us in our national ass.It reminds me of this line from the Soviet Constitution (1977): 

“In accordance with the communist ideal–‘The free development of each is the condition of the free development of all’–the state pursues the aim of giving citizens more and more real opportunities to apply their creative energies, abilities, and talents, and to develop their personalities in every way.” 

In other words, Soviet citizens were free to do whatever they pleased . . . so long as their actions were “in accordance with the communist ideal” . . . i.e as deemed by the Secretary.Namely,Secretaries Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, et al.  

To put this more succinctly: 

“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.Period.” 

. . . [Fast forward three years and 32,000 pages of ‘regulation without representation’] . . . 

“Unless, as deemed by the Secretary, we think our plan for you is more in accordance with the communist ideal. 

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