Progressives have slowly eroded away our freedoms for decades. Incrementally, we must begin taking them back.


. . . GUIDED in philosophy and political activism by one simple axiom: “There’s the world we want, vs. the world in which we actually live.” Purist libertarian ideologists imagine a world and human interactions in which all beings don’t care what you do with and to yourself — or in interactions with similarly consensual persons — so long as those activities do not negatively impact anyone else’s life, property, or pursuits. In other words: we should, individually, be able to do whatever we damn well please, so long as we don’t “break the bones or pick the pockets” of anyone not also voluntarily engaging in the same, said activities. The “PRAGMATIC” view understands that human nature is not so simplistic. A majority of humanity are going to choose “safety over liberty.” Most people prefer governmental remediation over free-market solutions . . . even though both are ultimately the product of HUMAN ideas and administration. How are humans who run big government any better than humans who run big corporations? How about humans first be allowed to “run themselves”— for better, or worse? 

Pragmatic constitutionalism is not a philosophy of compromise or staking out a middle-of-the-road position.  It is a strategy of incremental reacquisition of lost liberties. A kind of progressivism, in reverse.

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Everyday you’ll be able to follow trending topics and news as seen through a pragmatic constitutionalist lens.  Sometimes a presentation of incontrovertible facts and the cold-blooded math behind the news — at other times, analysis and opinion that will challenge all our predispositions.  Often, there are no readily apparent answers to the issues of the day, so we’ll simply ask the hard questions, as they come. 

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We are not a great nation because of our diversity.  We are a diverse people because we are a great nation.